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Switched  - Amanda Hocking No. just no. I feel like I need to make a new shelf for it. Called NOOPE.

Let's start with the characters.

Maggie and Matt
Both of them were very unfinished. If you're going to make her love her family, and wants us as readers to love her family. We need to know more about them. Yes, Maggie is an obsessive mother hen who wants Wendy to fit in, and Matt is the typical over-protective bigger brother. That's all I know about them. And that they're blonde. They're giving (but every story has those). I want interesting characters.

Tove and Willa
They were more interesting. But of course Willa has to be the bitch everybody hates to love. Not that we get to see that she's being a bitch though, Wendy just mentions it. Yes, she won't talk to her mänks or whatever, but WHATEVER. Tove is - of course - tall and dark and pretty. But that's like all the boys in this series. But they are more well-rounded, and the author seems to have laid a bit more effort into them.

Just stop it. He's no good for you, girl, but still. Why is he so whiny? If he knows it's wrong, he shouldn't be doing it. Especially since he works for a queen who reminds me very much of the evil step-mother from Cinderella. She could probably have him beheaded. And of course, he too, is tall, dark and handsome. Muah. He's no Will Herondale (who also happens to be tall dark and handsome, but you know, well-rounded with an interesting back story). Finns backstory just annoyed me.

Elora and Rhys
Elora kind of reminds me of Gregs mother from Dharma and Greg. In the first couple of episodes where she totally had a pole stuck up her ass. Yes, I understand that it's hard to rule a kingdom(the size of my home town... whatever), I've seen the Tudors. But she has to have two sides. And no, making her a stupid love-bird like the rest of you characters doesn't count.
Rhys is a character I actually like. He seems nice. And normal. And I'm not talking he's not a troll normal. But in the more usual way. Like he likes normal things, and wants normal things. I like him.

No. Wendy is one of the silliest main characters I've ever had the unfortunate chance of coming across. Why is she whining so much? WHY DOES NOTHING PLEASE YOU? (Not at all quoting Alex Day reads twilight). That should be a new thing though. Alex reads Switched. I'll make sure to leave a suggestion on youtube for him.

Then it is the plot. The plot isn't exciting at all. I get embarrased on the characters behalf for every shitty thing they have to go through. And while we're on the subject. Wendy. Please. You've known Finn for half a day, but already you're having contradicting emotions about him? Nope. And then there is the shit about her "thinking about the smooth curve of his lip"... I'm just. No one thinks about someones smooth curve of the lips. Unless you're Bella Swan of course. But you're not. So stop it.

All in all, I feel that this story was very rushed. If the author had taken more time in writing it, and thinking out both a back story and really going deep into the world, it would have been so much easier for me to like this book. The only reason I managed to scoop up two stars, are because of Wnedy calling Finn "unnecessary attractive". Well, no. I gave it two stars for the potential it could have. I would recommend this for younger readers, or readers who aren't into long and complext plot. It's an easy plot, with very little twist. And a very predictable climax and ending.

I'm sorry Hocking, I really tried to like your book. But I couldn't. If you'd been more experienced when you wrote it, I would probably like it better. I feel it lacks effort. It's a good idea, but it's not executed well enough, and I just found myself getting increasingly annoyed as I read it.


Thinking back to the time I read it, and the crapfest it actually was. I decided to give it one star for it's potential. Because I didn't like the rest of it. At all. The book really didn't deserve any stars. But if Hocking could have re-written the series, and maybe, I dunno, given the characters some personality for a start... Maybe it could get one or two stars. So here's to the potential.