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The Fury: AND The Reunion Bks. 3 & 4

The Fury & The Reunion (The Vampire Diaries, #3-4) - L.J. Smith More vampires! The Fury and Dark Reunion reunites the vampiric trio from The Awakening and The Struggle in a thrilling new adventure.This books takes the step even further for Elena, Stefan and Damon, when they face dangers they thought had died out several hundred years ago.The FuryThe Fury starts off where The Struggle ended. Elena becoming a vampire, and watching Damon and Stefan fight over each other. She is confused about what is going on, and she thinks she loves Damon, and is trying to kill Stefan. Ironically, Damon saves the day and make sure that doesn’t happen. He instead, takes her on a hunt for human blood, Stefan doesn’t want Elena to kill anyone, and takes her to drink her former boyfriend, Matt’s blood instead. Damon hides her in the new teacher, Alaric Saltzman’s attic, and her confusion lifts. She can hear through the floors, that Alaric is speaking about vampires and a memorial service. Elena attends the memorial service, and finds Damon and Stefan, who agreed that the three of them could work together.At this point, Elena remembers that she loves Stefan, not Damon, which does not make the latter very happy. It’s heating up to an argument, when the trio is distracted by the town’s pet dogs, which are attacking their owners, and everything else they come upon. The trio and Elena’s friends, figures it was the same Power which forced Elena off the bridge, who is meddling with the citizen’s dogs.After investigating further, it shows that it is Katherine, the vampire who turned the Salvatore brothers, who is the hidden Power. Back in Italy, when she failed to bring the two brothers closer, she had faked her own death and fled to Klaus, the one who had turned her to a vampire in the first place. When living and learning with Klaus, Katherine became slightly unstable, and after a while, she killed Klaus, and went to live her life.Eventually, she has Damon, Stefan and Elena tied up in a crypt, and she tells them thrilling stories about what she has done over the centuries, and what she plans on doing to them now. During Katherine’s speech, Elena manages to free herself, forcing Katherine into a ray of sunlight while tearing off her protective Lapis Lazuli necklace. Elena becomes badly burned herself, as Katherine has taken her ring. Stefan pulls Elena to the shadows, and Elena’s dying wish is that the two brothers will take care of each other. Dark ReunionThe Reunion/Dark Reunion starts out six months after Elena’s death as a vampire, with Bonnie dreaming of Elena in the Other Worlds. However, her dreams turn frightening, and may or may not cause the death of one of their friends. A new source of Power is in Fells Church, and is putting everyone who is living there at risk. As the humans have no source of fighting this Power alone, Bonnie, Meredith and Matt use a summoning spell to call for Stefan. When Stefan arrives in Fells Church, it turns out that Damon followed him, and he blames the summoning spell to be the fault. After all that they’ve been through, they still don’t know which side Damon is on, and they spend much time arguing about this.Stefan decides to do some research on Tyler Smallwood, this because at one of the attacks on the town, Tyler gave information only someone who was at the crime scene would know, and Tyler wasn’t supposed to be there. Stefan finds out that Tyler is a werewolf, and they lure him into the old cemetery to question him. Tyler reveals that he follows the lead of Klaus, a vampire they thought were dead. Klaus is an original, which is a vampire that has never been human, one of the first ones to walk the earth.They find out from Meredith’s grandfather, who turned mad from a vampire attack, that the only thing that can kill Klaus is White Ash Wood. After this, Klaus makes a deal with Stefan, that he is to come alone to a farm, “or the girl dies” – the girl turns out the be Caroline Forbes, former enemy of Elena.Stefan refuses the humans to follow him, but of course, they don’t listen, and follow him after all. They see Stefan with a branch of White Ash Wood, and at that point, Bonnie realizes that it’s a trap, and cries out just as Stefan gets hurt. There is a fight, involving Stefan, Klaus, Tyler Smallwood and the humans, they are about to lose, and Stefan is at his last breath when Damon shows up and proves his loyalty by staking Klaus with the White Ash Wood. However, Klaus isn’t hurt badly, and he attacks Damon. Bonnie screams for Elena, who appears as a spirit, along with spirits of the Civil War soldiers that was buried in Fells Church. At the end, Klaus gets chased away, and Elena is granted a new chance of life by saving her friends and loved ones from death. Personal ThoughtsI love the Fury; however, I don’t know what I think about Dark Reunion. I think, at this point, that the story has gotten a bit out of hand. I enjoyed reading it, but not all of it was as believable as the rest of the books (well, as believable as books about vampires and magic can be).I really enjoy most characters in The Vampire Diaries, and their development throughout the series, especially Elena. When we first meet her, she is this Ice Queen that can get about everything she looks at, and she is a real bitch, but already at the end of The Awakening we see that she has developed into a much better person. She isn’t as selfish as she was earlier.Talking about characters, I must comment on Damon. I love him, in every possible way that you can love a character from a book. He is the perfect antihero. He is dark and mystic, with a somewhat own agenda to everything he does. He only saves the day when he finds it fit, and it’s not always he bothers to do it. But we can see that he has love in him, especially for Elena. He is the first of the brothers to realize that Elena isn’t as Katherine. While Katherine lived in a childish belief that the three of them could live happily forever after, and faked her own death in a vain attempt to bring the brothers together, Elena would never do that. Elena is stronger than Katherine, in every way, and Damon is the one who realizes this, and even attempts to explain this to Stefan.Back to the books, I would still recommend this to everyone who feels that they need a few vampires and some mysterious, tall, dark and handsome men in their lives. The books can be somewhat scary, so I wouldn’t recommend them to pre-teens, but from fourteen and up is excellent to start reading these books.