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Extras  - Scott Westerfeld First of all, when I give this four stars, it's in the YA dystopian category. It's not "really liked it" on the level of Hamlet, but in the YA way.But I did really like this. It's way better than the second and the third one, and just as good as the first one. We needed some new characters. Though I still can't fucking stand Shay. And Tally is too special. I liked her better in book one, when she was an Ugly.Aya was okay, I suppose. A little to self-obsessed, but I suppose she was supposed to be the younger to-be Tally, so it's okay. I didn't mind her that much. That bloody hoovercam bugged me to bits though. I mean, come on.The story in itself was good. I did not need the romance in it, because it seemed a little over-the-top, and there seemed to be no feelings. Just this guy she became friends with, and then she was making out with him. I've done that, but in YA novels you don't. Especially when it's about saving the world. It didn't need to be a love story here. But maybe Westerfeld is making up for the fact that the ending to Tally's love story in the original trilogy ended tragically. The ending were a little iffy to me. It was very rushed, and once again I felt the "this is how we picture the future"-feeling. It wasn't really too special. Yes, go into space. Big deal. We've seen it before. Not everything needs to be okay. And Westerfeld should have tried to fix the new fame-regime instead of just getting Aya to the top, because it's still not a good utopian world they live in. It's still dystopian as fuck.Anyway, rant over. I did like this book, despite all my bitching.