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The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien The Hobbit is amazing. There is something about it, that made me not want to stop reading, ever. It is truly stunning, and everything that needs to be in a book, is in this one (maybe except romance). We see great friendship, treasures, dragons a wizard and a hobbit. I can't wait to read the Lord of the Rings after this, even though it's not the same story, it has the same elements, and some of the same characters. I hope I will love LotR just as much as I loved this one.I read the Hobbit the first time when I was nine or ten, and I liked it then too, but it was a very heavy book to read at the time. When I re-read it now, I discovered there was so much I'd forgotten. I find this book so much better, and it holds so many emotions.