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Death of a Salesman (Mass Market) - Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman. Where do I even begin? I saw this play in January of 2013, and thought it was amazingly good. They had brought in a house on stage, and used it as scenography. And just that was enough for me to go wild. Anyway, when I was in London, I bought the script for the play, and recently read it.It's about the American Dream going to hell. Basically, that is what it is, and it's an incredibly sad play. The main characters of the play is Willy Loman - The Salesman, his wife Linda and their sons Biff and Happy. Willy is being laid of from job, and get his high expectations about his sons, particularily Biff, back. He tries to push them to do well, but seem to overlook anything that Happy does good - like he always has, as we can see in flashbacks.Death of a Salesman goes deep in to the human behavior and we see how a mans dream gets shatteres. But he was so well liked, wasn't he?