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The Sea of Monsters  - Rick Riordan I love Percy Jackson. I can't deny that it's a bit like Harry Potter, at least his looks, and the feeling he don't belong and bla bla bla... But really, I don't mind. It seems that Percy Jackson is written for a younger audience (concidering I finished this book in a day and a half), with easier language, the using of things we should have a general idea about what is, and less complicated magic.It's kind of a flaw, that it's such an easy book to get through, because I would love to spend more time reading it. Furthermore, I have a feeling that the climax of the plot came a little rushed. In a world that is full of Monsters, of course something will happen most of the time, but I still feel that the climax could have started later in the book. It came right in the middle, making it hard to put it down.I have to say that I enjoy the character of Tyson, I like his dim-witted sense of being, and I hope we get to see more of him, as he is a very loveable character.Overall, I really enjoyed the book, and can't wait to get the next one!