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Let it Snow

Let it Snow - John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle Once upon a time I decided to read everything John Green has or will ever publish. For the most part, that has proven to be quite easy, and quite enjoyable. Then I stumbled onto this. Now, the John Green part was the best one, but it wasn't the best I've ever read. But let's start with the start.

The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson
This story was okay. I quite enjoyed Jubilee's personality, it wasn't nagging, but it wasn't too big either. She was a completely average YA girl. But the thing is, the story was okay at best. I could predict from page 1 what was going to happen, and that does not make for a good story, does it? It was light and fun, but it seemed to be trying a bit too hard to do the funny. I honestly don't know. But still, it wasn't bad. It was bland. I think bland is the right word.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green
This was better than the previous, but not at all up to parr with the rest of John Green's books. It lacked a certain degree of unpredictability. Because here too, I could see early on what was going to happen with the lovestory and the characters. Green doesn't have to try to hard to be funny though, it falls naturally for him, which is what made this story the most enjoyable out of the three. I would pay only to read this one.

The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle
This was a little below okay. It still wasn't bad, but I didn't like the plot. I'm not a fan of whiny, self-centered characters whohas an epiphany at the end. Addie simply annoyed me, and is very poorly written. But her friends annoyed me even more, because they were pretty good written and so bitchy towards their best friend. Even if you are an annoying self-centered bitch, your friend isn't supposed to tell you in such a harsh way. And she had just broken up with her boyfriend. They could have told her nicer and a bit more discreete.

Overall. This book fits the YA-lovers who simply can't get enough of sappy, predictable love-stories who doesn't have a plot twist at all. I did not enjoy the ending very much. I hate chaos in books, where I can't follow. And this was made very, very chaosy. Because of poor writing. Maybe Green or Johnson should have written the ending.

But this book made me crave Starbucks White Caffe Mocha so bad I can't even.