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Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare First of all. CLARE. What the FUCK are you doing to my heart? This shouldn't be allowed to do. I'm just. THE ENDING BROKE MY FUCKING HEART INTO PIECES AND LEFT ME LAYING ON THE FLOOR IN A CRYING PUDDLE. Well. Not on the floor, but on my bed. Sobbing. My flatmates wondered what was wrong, and I could only point to the book.

Not that this book is perfect. By far. Well, it is, but I'm really pissed at the ending. Jem. Didn't. Want. To. Be. A. Silent. Brother. He didn't. At all. It was like pronlonging his suffering so much it wasn't even funny. I didn't cry when I thought that he was dead. But I cried like eff when I realized that he was alive and Will and Tessa wasn't going to be able to talk to him again. Never. It broke my heart when I realised that, because that is the ultimate pain, isn't it? Knowing you have your friend alive, but never being able to speak to them again. Someone you have shared your whole life with, but and knowing that they are alive, but being cut off from talking to them.

I loved the plot, I really did. But the whole Jem-thing annoyed me. And when she sort of couldn't have both of them, she suddenly could anyway, because there was a cure. Yes, it was 100 years later, but still. I feel that Clare didn't want to make a choice between Will and Jem. I feel that she sort of went a bit along the Meyer-line here. Not being able to sacrifice any of her beloved characters. Rowling got it, she knew she needed it because of the story. The story, for me, would have been better if Jem had died. And in the epilogue we'd see Will and Tessas children. Not that Will dying wasn't heartbreaking and beautiful, but I kind of needed a more happy ending. And I feel that Jem ending up with Tessa wasn't as happy as I would want it to be.

Anyway. I loved how Tessa just suddenly turned into a fucking angel. That was the biggest plot twist I've ever seen. It was utterly and beautifully a perfect plot twist. I was just like. WHAT THE F JUST HAPPENED? And then I was so happy when Henry was all fixed up and good to go. Oh, Henry. I love him.

Not that that was the only plot twist though. There was a lot of them throughout the book, and I loved each and every one of them. Oh god, Clare. I really hope The Mortal Instruments is just as good as The Infernal Devices. I really and truly hope so.