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Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel  - Cassandra Clare Second review
I started this book with mixed expectations. Everyone was raving about it, so I believed it was very good. But I've gone in that trap before, so I approached this book with a certain degree of care. No need. This book is one of the most perfect first-in-a-series I've ever stumbled across. I had never expected a plot this rich and thick with storyline. And what was even better, there wasn't many unnecessary side-plots either. Everything that was in the book, needed to be there. The side-characters were very interesting. And even the cat, was a nice little side-plot that I really enjoyed.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book, is the love story. At least in this book, it's not as prominent as the rest of the main story. Yes, there is love, but it's not the main focus of the book. On the back of the book it says that love can be the most dangerous weapon of all (or something along those lines), but I didn't find that to be true for this book. The world, the Shadowhuners, the person gallery and the plot was much more prominent than the love lives.

What I fell most in love with was the characters. The main character, Tessa, is a really strong and independent female character that I can see much of myself in. She is not the whiny main character I've had to endure so many times in the past. It's evident that Tessa has an inner struggle, but she doesn't whine about it. Yes, she can mope, but then she actually admits that she is moping. And it's not in an annoying way, it's in a private way. She is very badass, and knows how to protect herself, even though she's never had any training. She is desperate to save the ones she loves, and she will do anything to do just that.
For the two main love interests throughout the series, we have the gorgeous Will Herondale and the more than adorable Jem Carstairs. They are both beautiful, even though Will is more aware of it that what Jem is. Both of them are very strong characters, and they have rich back-stories, which makes me so very happy. I love to see why characters struggle, and we really get to know why both Jem and Will struggle throughout the whole series. There is little back story about Will in the first book, I don't quite remember about Jem, but both of them are more evident through the second and the third book.
The rest of the Shadowhunters are also very well-rounded characters. I think I have much of the same feelings towards them as Tessa have. I'm not going to go into detail about the rest of the institute,because this would be an entirely too long review if I did.

First review
I bought this because of the hype on goodreads. Which is basically what I've been doing with my of my books in the past few weeks/months/years, and did not expect to like it. As is the case with most of my books, I don't expect to like them. BUT OH MY GOD CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR JUST A SECOND BECAUSE I AM LITTERALLY DYING HERE. (or figuratively, but whatever)

First. Will Herondale. He is a throughly and utterly big dick. Like I've never hated a good character so much. But of course, I love to hate him and hate to love him. I would like to marry him, thank you very much. I can bear him children even though Tessa can't. So I basically want to shag his brains out. Is that appropriate? I don't care.

Second. Tessa. I love her. She is not the whiny main character I've had to endure from reading too many vampire novels in the past. She is no Bella Swan, and she ain't afraid to show it. Yes, Tessa has an inner struggle, but she doesn't whine about it. And when she's moping, she actually admits that she's moping. And not in an annoying way. Like "I didn't want Sophie or Charlotte to find me in this moping state." She doesn't want to bother her friends with her sadness and she doesn't want to complain. I'm thinking Tessa is my litterary hero. And when the Clockwork Creatures attacked her and Jem on the bridge, she was so bloody badass. I mean, who can do that? It's like she wasn't afraid, just determined to get away from them and get Jem away from them.. Tessa is a brave and badass woman.

Third. Jem. I want to cuddle him and hold him and tell him everything is going to be okay. Okay? That'a sbout it.

The rest of the institute is pretty awesome as well. I think I have the same feelings about them as Tessa have. Like I love Henry because of his quirkyness, and I love to hate Jessie (that's more Wills opinion, but oh well), Sophie is the perfect mixture of friend and helper, and Charlotte is just so incredibly badass who stands up to the boss.

When it comes to the plot, I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't expected a plot this rich and thick with storyline. And it wasn't much unnecessary either, what was there was needed if that makes any sense. Even the cat you know, is a nice side-story that no one really cares about, but I love cats.
I like how even though the love life in this series is a mess (with everybody loving someone without being loved back), it isn't the main theme of the book. On the back cover, it says so, but I really found the whole world of the Shadowhunters and the person gallery and the plot much more prominent than the love lives. Of course, I'm rooting for Will and Tessa, but that's just my personal opinion right now. even though he's a dick.

All in all. Read this book, devour it.