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Awakening (Vampire Diaries)

The Awakening & The Struggle (The Vampire Diaries, #1-2) - L.J. Smith I would never regret picking up the Vampire Diaries. It is a series for everyone who is bitten by the vampire hype, or is looking for some supernatural romance slash mysteries.The Awakening Elena Gilbert is just like any other super popular high school girl. She has several friends, a nice boyfriend, and life is good. That is, until Stefan Salvatore comes along. Elena is used to having everything she wants, and she has decided she wants Stefan. However, Stefan hides a dark secret, that can change Elena’s life drastically.Stefan doesn’t want much to do with Elena, not until he saves Elena from an attack from Tyler Smallwood on the night of the homecoming dance. After this, the pair grows very attached to each other.In the meantime, Fells Church, the town they live in, is being terrorized by what is suggested to be animal attacks. Several bodies are found, drained of blood, and Stefan becomes the main suspect.Elena is at this point, being hunted by a man in black, who has an odd way of getting Elena to do things she wouldn’t normally do - like forget Stefan. This dark creature is to be known as Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s older brother, and sworn enemy. They share an equal hatred towards each other, and they both want Elena to be his.As Elena learns what Stefan and Damon is, Vampires from the Italian Renaissance, she and Stefan suspects that it is Damon who has been behind the attacks on Fells Church. When she learns their secret, she also learns about why they became vampires. When they grew up in Italy, a German vampire named Katherine von Swartschild. Both of the brothers were deeply in love with Katherine, and already at this point, they shared a dislike for each other. Katherine believed that they all could live happily together, so she exchanged blood with both of them. When the Salvatore brothers were furious about this, she killed herself, by exposing herself to the sun, leaving only a ring of a special stone named Lapis Lazuli behind. Lapis Lazuli is the one thing that can protect vampires against sunlight.Elena also learns why Stefan initially didn’t want to be with her, she is a doppelganger of Katherine, being very much alike her in many ways. This is also why Damon wants her for himself, believing that it was he who also deserved Katherine for his own.Damon is shown to be much stronger than Stefan, and as Damon provokes Stefan into a fight, we leave Stefan wounded badly, with a new attack coming from behind him. Stefan’s disappearance makes the inhabitants of Fells Church to think that it is proof of Stefan being behind the attacks. Elena believe that Damon is behind the disappearance of Stefan, and the book ends with Elena running into the woods, screaming for Damon. The Struggle he Struggle starts with Elena confronting Damon about Stefan’s disappearance, but as Elena still refuses to be with Damon instead of Stefan, Damon refuses to help her. Elena turns to her best friends Meredith and Bonnie, the latter who has psychic powers, to search for Stefan. They discover him in a well, close to death. After they rescue him, Elena offers him blood, as a way of faster recovery.The citizens of Fells Church, still believes that it is Stefan who is behind the attacks of the town. At the Founders Day, a former friend, and now sworn enemy of Elena, Caroline Forbes, is plotting to make a final stand of why Stefan is the one who is behind the attacks. In The Awakening, someone stole Elena’s diary, and it is shown in The Struggle, that it was Caroline who did it. Elena has written down all her secrets in the diary, and it can reveal that Stefan is of a violent nature.At one point, Damon offers to help Elena to retrieve her diary, in exchange of an hour alone with her, which she refuses blankly. Damon is also charming his way in to Elena’s house, and makes Elenas aunt very impressed by his manners and his way of being. Her aunt thinks that Stefan has a bad impact on Elena, and thinks that Damon would have been a much better match. This makes Elena furious, of course, and she storms of.At the grand finale of the book, it is the Founders Day, and Caroline is standing on the scene, finaly revealing Stefan as a violent criminal… However, she is very surprised when what she thought to be Elena’s diary, turns out to be her own. Elena is surprised to, since none of her friends were able to retreat it from Caroline, but she sees Damon in the crowd, and goes to talk to him. At this point, Elena’s aunt make an appearance again, and starts going on and on about Damon being much better than Stefan. This makes Elena reveal that she and Stefan is engaged, with Katherine’s ring as proof. This makes both Elena’s aunt and Damon furious, Elena storms of again, and is driving out to where Stefan lives. When Elena is driving, something white seems to be chasing her into the woods, and as she is driving over an old bridge, the bridge collapses and the truck sinks in to the water.Personal ThoughtsI really enjoyed the Vampire Diaries. It can, in many ways, be much alike to twilight, except, it’s not. The differences are much greater than the things they have in common. For example, the main character actually has a personality, and Stefan does have some flaws.I think that The Vampire Diaries are a superb series, and I’m so glad there are written more books of the series. I am currently reading the first book of The Return, which is the second series of the Vampire Diaries.Who would I recommend it to? Everyone! Especially those who is bitten by the vampire hype, those who liked twilight, but didn’t find it to be satisfying, those who find The House of Night series to be a little childish. Everybody who likes vampires should read this, no matter what. It isn’t truly amazing, there are some flaws, but again, which book has not any flaws?