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Tempted  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast What a cliffhanger! The end was the best part of the book, there was so many emotions all over the place.Tempted is a good book, a really good book, I must say. There was something about the end, that made me want to scream "why the f** isn't there a bookstore open at this hour?"I think there isn't a single character in this book that I doesn't love. Even Neferet, which have a Voldemort-y sense of evil inside her. I love the fact that everything is thought through, even with all the evil folks/vamps in the book, it's all really good.The thing I don't like about it, and of course there is some, is the point of view. It's changing all the time, which is confusing, irritating and it removes us from Zoey. I feel that when they are moving the p.o.v, they are also removing us from the main character. We don't get to know her like we should. Of course I realize that we need to know about what is happening around the places Zoey isn't, but I think that writing the whole series in third person would've been a lot easier, both for the writers and the readers.