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Paper Towns - John Green JOHN GREEN YOU ARE AMAZING.Okay, over to the actual feels about the books. My reviews are completely useless by the way, I hope everyone knows that.As always, there are so many feels about John Greens books, but I didnt cry from this one. As I have done by most of his others (The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, I'm looking at you).What I enjoy about Greens books are his teenagers. I love them, they are typically teenagers, but mostly a bit nerdy. (What's with the incredibly obsessed main character in everything by the way? The world doesn't evolve around the main characters. And they mostly have douchy friends, who aren't really douchy, but the main character always makes them out to be). I'm just gonna. Ugh. Kind of unrealistic adventure, but then again, in An Abundance of Katherines, it's a bit of the same as well. But it's okay, because it's fiction, and it's John Green./End useless reviewPaper Towns is about a guy who is in love with a girl. Or he doesn't realise that he is until she has run away.On some level I wish I could see the story from Margo's point of view. Because I feel like I could relate to her very much more than what I did to Q. I know the feelings Margo has, and it would be interesting to see exactly what she tought, what she felt as she was sitting in the stripmall, or what she thought on her trip to Algoe. It would be benefitial to girls or boys for that matter, who may need to see how good it is to run away for a while.Bottom line is. I loved this book, as I love most of Greens work. Five stars, because the thing about it, is that it sucks you in. You read it in one sitting, or you don't read it at all. Just, read it and love it and devour it.